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Importance of knowing the real talent/potential of your child-BBRFI

The Positivity Project - BBRFI

Maternal Depression And Child Development

Moms who are depressed often suffer in silence -- but this common illness can also take a heavy toll on their children. That's why getting treated has become an eternal part.

Millions of children are caught in the web of maternal depression. As many as one in four women will suffer from this biological illness at some point in her lifetime, including about 10 percent of new mothers who develop postpartum depression (PPD). Not only is a child with a depressed parent two to four times more likely to develop depression himself before adulthood, but extensive research has shown that a mother's depression, especially when untreated, can interfere with her child's social, emotional, and cognitive development.
Helpless and Hopeless
People who've been depressed say that it's almost impossible to explain what it feels like. "You become unbearably miserable, lethargic, and incapable of any joy or enthusiasm," says Anne Sheffield, author of Sorrow's Web: