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We live in the twenty-first century, where we all are concerned with all sorts of luxury and comfort. All of us are running in some race: a race of being the best, be at the top. Not knowing that sometimes we might meet with the opposite of best and top too. And in all of this chaos, we forget to pay heed to one of the most crucial things that is our mental health.

The world today is competitive, stressed and full of worries. The competition of being the best has taken a toll on human emotions and the most prone targeted group is the children.
According to the National Survey of Children’s Health:
7.4% of children aged 3-17 years (approximately 4.5 million) have a diagnosed behavior problem. 7.1% of children aged 3-17 years (approximately 4.4 million) have diagnosed anxiety. 3.2% of children aged 3-17 years (approximately 1.9 million) have diagnosed depression.
Image source: CDC The figures explicitly show that ev…
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Go all the way this one time! Don't worry, the rain'll wash away the grime. There isn't much you can't conquer; It'll take some time maybe, But patience and pain giveth gains. Run around in circles if you like; Pedal away in the howling wind! Cry if you want to in the sunny days; And laugh if you want to, when it rains! There isn't much you can't conquer; You are your own beginning, don't search for an ending. Be an abyss, a dark one if you desire; Be an ocean, deep and blue, with stories unheard- And submerged in your ire. There isn't much you can't conquer! The world isn't bigger than your dreams. You don't have to be someone else, You don't have to back out of any quest; You don't have to be perfect, You need to be You! There isn't anything you can't conquer- You're inviolable, you're a fighter; There isn't anything you can't conquer, You're already a victor; The Universe is within you.

Stress: A Woman's Tale

Yesterday in the street while coming back in the afternoon,  I heard a man howl, I turned around in fear only to see a lone dog crouched over the dried earth.  The panic I had felt rise in my throat subsided for a second,  Only to return as the innate worry of whether the pepper spray was in my satchel.  My sister's friend once told me of an incident from her workplace,  To many it seems like a lie, I'll let you decide for yourself,  She said, "My boss asked me to meet him before I left,  I thought that in the ongoing appraisal season,  Maybe this time I'd also be in luck.  At half past five when I entered his office,  The peon sitting outside gave me a sympathetic look. At half past six when I wobbled out from inside, I understood what his eyes had said." At five, my father would braid my hair,  Take me to school on his shoulders with me laughing in the air.  In the afternoons, luring me with sweet spun tales,  The neighbour would take me in his arms to play in…

The Not So Subtle Art of Judging Others

The Collins dictionary defines the act of ‘judging’ as being critical or discerning of someone or something. In all situations, judging does not always come out from a negative approach, though unfortunately it usually does. Sometimes we judge strangers in an effort to try to discern them and decode things about them, other times though we judge people on the basis of their opinions and perceptions that may vary from ours or when we feel threatened and sidelined by them.  The last two if noticed carefully are associated with negative perspective and emotions. If you ask a colleague for a certain favour and they aren’t able to provide it in time, it is highly likely that you will end up labeling them as tardy or selfish or both. But before doing their full blown character analysis, did you stop for a moment and think that there could’ve been something unexpected or urgent that ended up with them not being able to deliver their commitment on time? Some problem that arose and rendered t…

Attention to The Attendants

A while back I was reading a collection of Saadat Hasan Manto’s short stories, when I came across the story ‘Khaled Miyan’; a tale of a woeful father (Mumtaz) always concerned about his infant’s health. The father is scared that the apple of his eyes won’t be able to live to see his first birthday. Somewhere along in the story, the child regretfully falls sick. The fear Mumtaz has of his child’s death is like a living beast that eats at him. He starts to fear that his drinking water to soothe his sandpapery throat would result in Khaled’s death, so he initially abstains from it. His mind starts to connect all his actions to his son’s potential death. When he is about to smoke a cigarette, a voice in his head forbids him from doing so or else his Khaled would die. He almost goes mad with the voices in his head dictating each move of his and connecting it all with Khaled’s death. He becomes so delirious and incapacitated that he leaves his wife and son unattended in the hospital amidst…

It's Never Too Late to opt For the Career of Your Choice

The Education System forces teenagers who are barely 16 years of age to make a life-changing decision, a decision to choose their career fields, future career prospects. It is ironic how 16-year olds are considered “too young” to drink, date and even drive in a lot of countries (including India) but are deemed old enough to choose their careers. Additionally, in countries like India where parents consider themselves to be in- charge of their children’s lives, the career choice is often made by the parents and sometimes against the wishes of the child. Even if the child has full freedom and makes the choice himself or herself this choice is often a primary cause of stress and anxiety. In such a scenario, being happy with our career choices later in life appears to be an uncertainty. There is no guarantee that the choice made when the individual was still getting to know himself would be desirable 20- 30 years down the line. One should wonder why someone’s choice to change his/ her caree…