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Feedback after 4D Brain Analysis

Lecture on Beautiful Brain

Brain Behaviour Research Foundation Of India had a warm welcome by Sanket Sir,Director of Carrier Launcher,Varanasi Branch for motivation and guiding students preparing for competitive exams.

Under the guidance of Dr. Alok K Mishra the upcoming talents of Varanasi got to know about themselves and their Inborn talents and capabilities present in them.

Rest Team BBRFI which includes Mr. Pawan Singh, Mr. Subodh Kumar , Mr. Avijit Mishra concluded the motive of 4D analysis and presentation alongwith live Brain Mapping. 

Meeting with Vice Chancellor, BHU

Brain Behaviour Research Foundation Of India was Pleased after such a warm welcome from "G.S.TRIPATHI Ji" respected Vice Chancellor of "BANARAS HINDU UNIVERSITY" and discussed various essence of our beautiful Brain.

Also Vice Chancellor himself asked us 4D Brain Mapping on him at his residence to his hidden potential unknown.


DATED:- 11th of April,2015.

                 COMPUTER CENTRE

CHARACTERS:- Dr. Alok K Mishra; Rajkumar Sharma: Subodh Kumar; Raghav Pathak;


'Its high time',

that was my situation when I was on my internship phase being a technical student in Computer Science was planning for my career towards enlightenment and I was thus enlightened when Dr. Alok Mishra sir called up for a meeting for detailed discussion on innovative idea sir had.
                  I reached the venue around 4 PM and entered into computer centre where I had wonderful breakthrough experience having conversation with Rajkumar Sharma sir. The conversation started becoming interesting when fellow partners Mr. Raghav who was  also called for the same cause started there 1st lookout to convincing R Sharma sir with different entities.
                  The FIRST ARROW striked when our mentor Dr. Alok K Mishra sir entered and thus in…

4D Brain Analysis

4D Brain Analysis Tel: 011 23318575/ 8285826763 Email:
4D Brain Analysis includes:

Brain MappingDNA MappingBiological MappingPsychological Mapping
4D Brain Analysis helps:
To know innate talents/potentials of individual.To get to know what is the one’s learning style.To find out which area of profession would suit the child the best. To know genetic IQ.To get an in-depth knowledge about personality.Gain the understanding of what is hindering one's growth.To know about the subjects the student can excel in and thus accordingly choose as their    majors.To understand why a child performs efficiently only in selective maximize child’s deal with individual child.toUnderstand the learning pattern of the child. individual'sattitude towards approaching to problems.potential in academic and work related settings.

For Appointment click here or call +91-8285826763

Brain Behaviour Research Foundation of India(BBRFI) Tel: 011 23318575/ 8285826763 Email:
Brain Behaviour Research Foundation of India (BBRFI) is a national level Research Trust, registered under trust act 1882. BBRFI is a team of dedicated professionals from various disciplines with a common aim of promoting positive mental health and well-being among individuals. Our team includes highly experienced and enthusiastic young minds trained as Psychologists, Engineers and Medical Doctors in addition to administrative staff. Our professionals have a vast experience in dealing with human mind, behavior and health. BBRFI has developed dedicated, structured, comprehensive assessment and training modules which aims to groom adolescents and young adults from all walks of life to help them achieve their goals with minimal hiccups. BBRFI provides Psychological Services and has developed a unique 4D Brain Analysis System to Know the Individual and help them to achieve the Goal. 4D Brain Analysis System includes:- B…